The Fifth Dimension zine now available!

Fifth Dimension Zine

Excellent news, my latest zine - The Fifth Dimension - is now available from my online shop!

The photographs in this book are based on the idea that any one person's perception of reality is completely subjective. We can never know for sure whether what we see is real, or even the same as anyone else's perception of the world around us. The fifth dimension is, according to Superstring Theory, a separate world which is slightly different to the world in which you are reading this statement. If we could see into the fifth dimension, we would be able to measure similarities and differences between the parallel world and our own. The book explores this idea visually through distorting the familiar landscape in a series of soft, psychedelically coloured photographs, creating visions of a world that might just exist.

These photographs are a collection of thoughts, memories and emotions which may never have been experienced. The fifth dimension and subsequent possible realities may or may not necessarily exist. Are we the original reality, or is our world a subtly different duplicate derived from the existence of another?

Prague photo-book now on sale at Sunny Bank Mills Gallery

My recently publiched photo book 'Prague' is now available in my home town, Farsley, at Sunny Bank Mills Gallery. The gallery is in a lovely converted mill building, with it's own café and shop selling affordable work from local artists and makers. The gallery is located at:

Sunny Bank Mills
West Yorkshire
LS28 5UJ